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From classic gnocchi to pumpkin or spirulina… Mamma Emma offers you a wide selection of delicious gnocchi that will become the main dish of every lunch. Mamma Emma’s potato gnocchi are prepared in a few minutes and are excellent to be used in many different recipes.

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By buying Mamma Emma’s gnocchi you are sure to buy a complete food prepared only with selected raw materials. For our fresh potato gnocchi we choose fresh potatoes cooked with steam, which provide the gnocchi with an optimal texture and incomparable taste. If you want to bring home the authenticity and deliciousness of a food prepared with dedication, take home the gnocchi from Master Srl!

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Our gnocchetti are a healthy food, very suitable for children. gnocchi are produced using only quality products and are therefore the right choice to feed your family with a genuine and delicious food.