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Potato gnocchi cooking times

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From classic gnocchi to gnocchi with pumpkin … presents a wide range of delicious gnocchi that will become the main dish of your lunches. The potato gnocchi of Master Srl are ready in the blink of an eye and are great to be used in many tasty recipes.


Mamma Emma: potato gnocchi cooking times

When you buy gnocchi from you are sure to choose a quality product prepared exclusively with top quality ingredients. For our gnocchi we choose very good steamed potatoes, which ensure the product a correct density in accordance with the rules of art and a unique taste. If you want to put on the table the genuineness and taste of a food made with passion, taste the potato gnocchi of!

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Gnocchi are a healthy product, particularly suitable for children. The gnocchi and spatzle of Master Srl are produced using only selected products and are therefore the right option to feed your family with a genuine and delicious dish.