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From traditional gnocchi to those with cheese or pumplin… Mamma Emma offers you a great choice of delicious potato gnocchi that will become the certainty of every lunch. Mamma Emma’s dumplings are ready in no time and can be used in a variety of delicious dishes.

Spatzle with ricotta cheese

Mamma emma: Spätzle with ricotta

Buying gnocchi you are sure to buy a healthy food prepared exclusively with selected raw materials. For our fresh potato gnocchi we use very good steamed potatoes, which guarantee the gnocchi a perfect compactness and an incomparable taste. If you want to bring to the table the quality and taste of a food produced with passion, take home’s gnocchi!

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Our gnocchi are a healthy food, very suitable for children. Mamma Emma’s gnocchi are produced using only quality products and are therefore the right choice to feed your kids with a healthy and delicious food.

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