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gnocchi di patate fresche cotte al vapore


organic vegan

organic potato gnocchi

Take a package of Master Mamma Emma gnocchi, open it and you will be wrapped in the smell of tradition and respect for the consumer. The ICEA certification guarantees 100% organic farming of all Master gnocchi ingredients.

potato gnocchi

The same flavour as our grandmother’s potato gnocchi, those soft and delicate ones, passed on the grater one at a time. mamma emma gnocchi are hand-made and preserve that unmistakeable and velvety taste of home made gnocchi, capable of enhancing any recipe.

organic spelt flour gnocchi

From a potato immersed in the earth, soft and tasty spelt flour gnocchi are born. The complete system of checks, guaranteed by the rigorous quality certifications, certifies Master gnocchi’s passion for authenticity and the intense flavour of potatoes just boiled. An artisanal product with a rustic and authentic taste, which combines continuous innovative research and sustainability!

gnocchi with pumpkin

The sweet and delicate taste of pumpkin enriches the potato gnocchi with mamma emma flour.

organic spirulina gnocchi

Made for those who choose a healthy lifestyle, Mamma Emma gnocchi
with spirulina are naturally rich in protein, vitamins and mineral salts.
Turn the package over and read the ingredients: steamed potatoes,
meticulously selected based on the season, climactic factors and precise
quality standards.

gnocchi with ricotta cheese and spinach

The spinach and ricotta Mamma Emma gnocchi, made with real steamed potatoes, celebrate hand-made flavour. For a fresh recipe made to enhance the delicate flavour of the ricotta we suggest topping them with hazelnut crumbs, grated turmeric and lemon zest!

organic wholemeal mini gnocchi

An unusual taste for these vegan gnocchi with whole wheat flour, perfect not only with a light vegetable sauce but also simply with oil, parmigiano reggiano cheese and sage. Fast to prepare and to serve while hot, they will please
any palate.

gnocchi with beetroot

Red beetroot is an optimal source of fiber, potassium and vitamin C. This root vegetable is also low in calories: only 43 per 100g, making it suitable even for a low calorie diet. What’s more, red beetroot has a medium glycemic index, but a very low glycemic load. This means that their consumption would not greatly alter glycemic levels, because the total number of carbohydrates present in each portion is very low.

organic classic tidbits

Mixed with authentic potato gnocchi taste and bread flour one finds the passion and heart of the whole Master Gnocchi family: an advanced technology environment which preserves the real philosophy of a small artisanal laboratory. The production covers all the phases that our grandmothers would have undergone when preparing home-made gnocchi, from the cooking
of the potatoes, the peeling, all the way till the making of the dough and the creation of these little tasty jewels!

gnocchi with cauliflower

Cauliflower is rich in minerals and vitamins, in particular vitamin C. What’s more, it’s an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is recommended for diabetics because it contributes to glycemic control. Some recent scientific studies have found that it has anti-cancer properties. A cauliflower smoothie is also a natural remedy for a cold. Cauliflower even helps regulate the heartbeat and keeps blood pressure under control. It stimulates the functioning of the thyroid and is useful in the diet of those suffering from Colitis. A real health food!

stuffed gnocchi with Gorgonzola PDO

All of Mamma Emma’s natural products are characterized by research
and the quality of the ingredients, made only with potatoes and bread flour.
Even the Gnocchi with Gorgonzola DOP are of real gastronomical excellence!

stuffed gnocchi with Asiago PDO cheese and porcini mushrooms

All of Mamma Emma’s natural products are characterized by research and the quality of the ingredients, made only with potatoes and bread flour: even the Gnocchi with Asiago DOP and in-season porcini mushrooms are of real gastronomical excellence!

stuffed gnocchi with ricotta cheese and spinach

Tender and soft, ricotta is considered an ancient dairy product of great value given its notable nutritional properties: low fat, low sugar and high in quality protein. Spinach, on the other hand, maintains its position among those foods considered to be healthy. Apart from all the benefits of these ingredients,
these gnocchi have a pleasant and delicate taste, and so are liked by both adults and children. Easy to cook right in the pan, with a half-glass of water
and then your favourite sauce.

potato maccheroni

Potatoes are known for their potassium, vitamin C and complex carbohydrate content. These potato maccheroni are easy to digest and quick to prepare right in the pan, just add your favourite sauce and half a glass of water, mixing all for
3 minutes. Delicious and healthy, without preservatives or additives, for a healthy diet without giving up good taste.

spatzle with spinach

These classic Tirolese style gnocchetti are made with only Italian spinach,
and are easy and quick to cook right in the pan, just add your favourite sauce and half a glass of water. Spinach is an herb plant with interesting therapeutic and nutritional properties. It maintains its position among those foods considered to be healthy.

mini canederli with speck

The dough is composed of bread cubes, milk and eggs, seasoned with speck, parsley and flour. Mamma Emma’s mini canederli are made according to the typical Alto Adige recipe.

patate puree

Mamma Emma’s purée, ready made in the container, is a great solution for a side dish that the whole family will enjoy. No potato starch or freeze-dried potato sprouts. Only fresh steamed potatoes and fresh whole pasteurized milk!
For preparation, just pour the contents into a pot for a few minutes and
add a knob of butter. Just like home-made purée!

spinach spatzle

Ingredients: bread flour, spinach 30%, water, eggs, sunflower seed oil, salt.

single portion tidbits

Ingredients: steamed potatoes 80%, bread flour, eggs, salt, sunflower seed oil.

organic tyrol-style spatzle mini gnocchi

Mamma Emma Tirolese spatzle are made solely with 100% Italian spinach leaves, and wrap the authentic taste of tradition from over the Alps into every bite. Excellent also as a side dish for meat dishes with sauces, with the advantage of blink-of-an-eye cooking time: a life-saver when you are running low on time but want to pamper your guests with great taste!


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