Making boiled meat and mashed potatoes with purple cabbage dust will take some time but the result will be a success. Start with the boiled meat. In a deep saucepan make the vegetable broth with 4 litres of water, the onion, 2 carrots and various aromas. Add the beef and cook for 3 hours.

mamma emma mashed potatoes

Grate some purple cabbage with a grater and dry in the oven at very low temperature or put it in a dryer for about 10 hours at 70°C. Once it’s dried put it in a blender to make the dust.

In a non-stick pan pour in the mamma emma mashed potatoes and cook for 3 minutes constantly mixing. Cut the boiled meat and serve with the mashed potatoes. Finally, add the purple cabbage dust.

Thanks to chef Alessandro Argento.