Our pumpkin gnocchi are among the most appreciated mamma emma products. Pumpkin is a great high nutrient, low calorie food.

To make the gnocchi with pumpkin, robiola and walnuts, start with the pumpkin. Wash it carefully and chop into small cubes. Cook them in a pan with 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil for only a few minutes. The pumpkin will become soft.

Gnocchi con zucca, robiola e noci

The mamma emma pumpkin gnocchi will be ready in 3 minutes. Gently stir the gnocchi in the pan with 100 ml of water. When they’re almost done, add the robiola and the pumpkin cubes.  Cream for a minute and prepare the plate. Finally add some pepper and walnuts. Your gnocchi with pumpkin, robiola and walnuts are ready to be served!

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