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From the classic gnocchi to those with kamut or spirulina flour… offers you a wide variety of delicious potato gnocchi that will become the protagonists of your lunches. The potato gnocchi of Master Srl cook in a short time and are excellent to be used in many delicious recipes.


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By choosing the potato gnocchi of Gnocchi Master you are sure to bring home a good food prepared only with selected ingredients. For our potato gnocchi we use very good steamed potatoes, which ensure the gnocchi a perfect density and an unmatched taste. If you are interested in having lunch with the authenticity and taste of a food made with dedication, try Master Srl’s gnocchi!

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Gnocchi are a genuine food, very suitable for children. Mamma Emma’s gnocchi are produced by selecting only quality ingredients and are therefore the ideal choice to feed your family with a genuine and delicious food.

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