A story of tradion, craftmanship…

mamma emma was launched in 2013 by Master Srl, founded in 1992.
From the early days, the owners of Master, Adriano Bianco and Giovanni Favretto, have combined their engineering knowledge with their love for good food. This union has given rise to the concept of industrial craftsmanship. Thanks to their technical training, the two partners managed to designing in-home most of the machinery needed to create a production process that follows every stage of the traditional recipe.
The result? Today mamma emma is proud to export the originality of Italian dumpling to over 15 countries on 5 continents.

mamma emma's commitment to the environment

our committment for sustainability is tangible:

  • 100% Green Energy: we use only energy and gas from renewable sources. Thanks to the collaboration with Dolomiti Energia, our plant is powered only by hydroelectric power plants, located in the Dolomites. Thanks to this choice, from 2014 to 2019 we avoided the emission of 5.972,16 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • Photovoltaic plant: inaugurated in 2013, it allowed us to save about 5% of total electricity with a lower theoretical emission of carbon dioxide equal to 54 tons per year
  • Activities to reduce environmental impact: we prefer to use, where possible, FSC paper and cardboard from renewable forests and produced without chlorine. We also transfer industrial waste (processing waste) to other production facilities.
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Mamma Emma's commitment to social work

“Fare Impresa nel Sociale” is the national campaign launched by the association I BAMBINI DELLE FATE to promote the social inclusion of children affected by autism. Mamma Emma is a supporting partner of the project: “I can do it alone” of the association F.A.R.C.E.L.A Onlus. This project aims to integrate children through the construction of different forms of autonomy.

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Awards and recognitions

The idea of Adriano and Giovanni, who started with 6 employees in a small workshop, has grown to such an extent that today the company is composed by 110 people.
This continuous growth is the result of teamwork that enebled Mamma Emma to win numerous awards for quality, innovation and communication::


  • Food Awards: mamma emma potato gnocchi with spirulina


  • Product Food: mamma emma potato gnocchi
  • Bio Awards: mamma emma potato gnocchi with spirulina
  • Food Awards: mamma emma gnocchi stuffed with Asiago cheese and porcini mushrooms


  • Bio Awards: mamma emma potato gnocchi with whole grain flour


  • Pasta Riso & Consumi ‘Best fresh pasta packaging’: mamma emma maccheroni
  • Pasta Riso & Consumi ‘Special prize for the promotion of the product abroad’:  mamma emma with Eataly Chicago – La Gnoccheria
  • USA Food Awards: mamma emma potato gnocchi with beetroot
  • Bio Awards – striped organic gnocchi


  • Product Food: mamma emma mamma emma potato maccheroni