Roll the basil leaves in canola oil and then place them on a dinner plate covered by cling film. Cover with more cling film and pierce with a fork. Cook in the microwave for 2 minutes then let the basil leaves dry on paper. To make the burrata clouds mix together the stracciatella and the fresh cream with a hand blender for 3 minutes. You may add some extra virgin olive oil if you prefer. Put the mixture in a half-litre whipper cream maker. Close it, use two gas chargers for cream, shake vigorously and then set aside in the fridge.

Gnocchi di patate con vodka e gamberetti

Form a circle with the grated cheese on baking paper and let it melt in the microwave for one minute and a half. Take it out when it’s still warm and put it on a upturned bowl to make the basket form. Let it cool down.

Warm up the tomato sauce in a pan, add 100 ml of water and let it boil. Pour in the mamma emma potato maccheroni and cook for 3 minutes. Finally, place the maccheroni inside the Parmesan basket and decorate with the burrata clouds and the fried basil. Thanks to chef Alessandro.