• Fill half a cup with extra-virgin olive oil and add 5 basil leaves. Leave at room temperature for 5 days
  • Stir-fry the garlic clove with some extra-virgin olive oil to a golden brown, then add tomato sauce and 3 basil leaves; add salt and pepper to taste and cook for 40 minutes adding water when necessary.
  • When the tomato sauce is ready, in another pan add 100ml of water and a pinch of salt; add mamma emma gnocchi and stir-fry until the water is fully absorbed.
  • Season the gnocchi with 2 tbsp of the oil and basil mixture and arrange them in a plate together with some tomato sauce, a few basil leaves, chopped black garlic and crumbled taralliMini gnocchi with black cabbage, clams and bottarga